Web Applications Development – Static websites no longer cut it. Business need dynamic web applications that not only tell potential and existing customers what your business does but actually allow them to interact with you.


Mobile Application Development – Lots of people have mobile devices. In a challenging business environment businesses need to find new ways to reach a wider market. Let us build you a mobile application for Android, IPhone and BlackBerry devices.


Web Service Development – More and more as businesses collaborate it is important that the connectivity is established 24/7 to keep the businesses up and running.

Database Design and Implementation


Reporting Packages – If you don’t know then you cannot make informed decisions. Many businesses now have the data but no way to interpret that data to make the vital decisions that can ensure the continued profitability of


Enterprise Solution Development – Big business need robust solutions to handle millions of transactions speedily without any problems. At SA we have built enterprise solutions that can handle millions of transactions.